Drawing (advice would be appreciated)

Hey guys! I know some of you on here like to draw, so if possible, could you give me any advice for drawing poses.  I draw more of an anime/manga style than realistic, so if that helps at all.  I’m just not all that good at drawing poses, so I was wondering if I could get some help.  Proportions are kind of difficult for me to figure out, so any advice on that would be appreciated.  Also, just how to make a pose look a bit more realistic/not as stiff would be helpful.  I’d also like a bit of help with drawing clothing/wrinkles in clothing because, for me at least, folds in clothing are difficult because I have some trouble figuring out where they should go and how to make them look natural.  I guess perspective is also something that I could do with a bit of help.  Basically, I need help with drawing related stuff when it comes to drawing anime/manga style people.  Any help would be appreciated!


Umm what?

So… wildlife is not afraid of people…? I got an urgent text from my mom “help there’s a baby opossum here and I don’t know what to do”. I come out and it’s just chilling there. It doesn’t even care that we’re here. My mom had to shoo the poor thing away with a broom. We have no idea where the Mom is, but right now it’s just chilling on the other side of the fence. There’s also a hummingbird that doesn’t seem to care about how close it gets to anyone. As in it ended up flying right around my mom and I. It kept landing like it was exhausted though so who knows what was going on there. The humming bird was fine, we just don’t really want an opossum camping out in our yard. 

So yeah… that happened. I’m currently trying to make sure the opossum doesn’t come back in. 

Thanks for reading! Wish me luck!

Let me eat what I want. 

Hey guys, just a slight PSA here. If someone says “look, I just got a reasonable amount of dessert!” You don’t respond with “well, with the amount of physical activity you’re doing right now, I don’t think any amount is reasonable.” 

Yeah… okay. Let’s break that down. First of all, I couldn’t just tell the person who told me that off. It was my dad. Second of all, I get it, you want me to be healthier, you want me to exercise more. You’re going about it wrong

Basically shaming someone about eating some dessert is bullshit. I’d understand if it was my 10th dessert, but it wasn’t. It was my first and only one that I wanted today. I already have some issues with liking myself, to put it bluntly, but this did not help in the slightest. 

I get it, I should exercise more and eat less. Fine. But do you really expect that someone who already doesn’t love themselves all that much is going to take that very well?  Overall, thanks, dad. You made your kid feel bad. I understand that it was probably a joke, but I didn’t find it funny. 

I’m sorry for this rant, but if anyone on here who takes the time to read this thinks that what my dad told me is perfectly fine, then you need to rethink your priorities. I’m not “overweight” by any means. I recently quit swimming competitively. It wasn’t completely because I wanted to. It was from injuries. And don’t tell me that I should have all this time now, because it’s the end of the school year and I’m studying my ass off to try to get good grades. You see, when my attention is brought to my body and what I should and shouldn’t be eating, I get distracted, so while you may have good intentions, save it. Save it for when I’m done with high school. I’ll have more time then, and I’d be perfectly happy to exercise more. But right now, those comments make me feel like shit. So I’d appreciate if they’d stop. 

Even though I know neither of my parents will see this, I just needed to get it out there for other people, not just for other parents. I want this to be out there for everyone. 

Thanks for reading if anyone made it through my rant. 

Garage Sale 

Hey guys!

We have this neighborhood garage sale going on, and it’s not going so wonderfully for me at least. Granted, all I’ve got to sell is my old toys and stuff, but I’m about an hour and a half in and I’ve sold a grand total of one thing. Although, I also got to meet a cute dog, so I guess it’s worth it. There’s also another problem of this wonderful thing called wind. I have these two like fold-out play house things that I’m trying to sell, but to have the best chance of selling them, they need to be up. Can you see where this is going? Wind + stuff that catches the wind? Yeah, lots of running after stuff. I’m having some fun though. It’s not a horrible day out, so I’ve got that going for me. There have also been a lot of almost stops or second looks back at the stuff I’m selling by people in their cars. I guess that’s a good sign, but who really knows. I’m not at all like my neighbors who are selling bikes. I’ve just got some little kid toys and stuff. Sure, it’s stuff that I absolutely adored when I was little, but that doesn’t mean everyone would. I’m doing my best though!

Anyway, thanks for reading!

No school

Okay, so, the one day I want to go to school (tomorrow), I can’t. I have an AP exam (Spanish) but now I can’t take it. I now get to take my Spanish AP exam on my second to last day of school… yay. This is exactly what I wanted. I understand why they called school off, but it just had to be the one day I actually wanted to go. 

Well, at least I can sleep in for a while. 

Stay safe, everyone. 


I actually had a lot of fun at prom this year. I was able to be more social even though it was a bit harder to breathe. A corset back dress will do that to you. 

It was really nice getting compliments from people that I don’t think I have ever actually met. I got comments everywhere from “you look like a goddamn Cinderella” to “you should have won prom queen”. It was a lot of fun. 

Like I said, I had a corset back dress, so I couldn’t eat all that much, so I was pretty hungry, but it was still a lot of fun. I got go hang out with friends that I hadn’t seen in a while. I did end up not dancing though. They didn’t play a single slow song, so I didn’t want to try to dance in my dress. 

Afterwards, I went back to my boyfriend’s house. I wanted to change clothes, but I didn’t bring any extras. I ended up wearing my boyfriend’s sister’s pants and my boyfriend’s shirt. Everything was too big on me, but hey, I was comfortable. I ended up showing up at home four min past my curfew, but my parents weren’t even home yet, so everything was fine. I showed up in a shirt and pants that were both too big for me, along with my heels from my dress. Needless to say, it was an interesting outfit. 

Overall, I had a lot of fun. Prom went well, and (as far as I know) nothing went horribly wrong. I enjoyed hanging out with my friends and I had a wonderful time hanging out with my boyfriend. 

Blurb for my (short) story

Hey guys, this is my blurb for my story.  As anyone who has read it knows, it is not all that short.  Anyways, the story is called Windows to the Soul.

Something changed within Alis and Kye after their closest friend, Tegan, died.  While they started off trying to figure out what happened, they ended up out of their realm of normalcy.  Why was Tegan targeted, and what will Alis and Kye do with their powers?

Alright, feedback is appreciated.  Thanks for reading!


Ok, I know I already posted once today, but I saw something I wasn’t expecting. 

At a four-way intersection close to my house, everyone was stopped. I couldn’t really figure out why until I saw a mother duck leading all her babies across the road. Let me tell you, I am a very emotional person, so I was almost crying from how cute it was. The mother duck jumbled up onto the curb and into the grass and all the little babies kept trying, but they couldn’t reach it. Thankfully, someone turned into that neighborhood, and, upon seeing the babies having trouble, immediately got out of her car with her son and daughter and they all helped the ducklings up. It was so incredibly cute. I’m sorry for getting all mushy here, but seriously. 

Thanks for reading!

Generic Apology

Generic Apology, it’s a phrase I learned from Durham. You use it when you feel like you need to apologize before reciting or presenting something. You just say “generic apology” and begin what you were about to say. While I agree that it is helpful for saving time, I wish it wasn’t necessary. I wish people could just be happy with their work. Now, don’t get me wrong, I understand the apology if it’s because you didn’t finish something and it’s a rough draft, but if it’s something that you spent time and effort on, there’s no need to apologize. I’m sorry, but I feel like people should be more confident in their work. That’s all. 

Thanks for reading!

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