Hey guys!

I think we should donate to the American Cancer Society.  The American Cancer Society runs Relay for Life.  This is an organization that raises money for cancer research and to help cancer patients with the costs associated with having the disease.  Last year, I was the captain for the team that we made at our school.  It did not go very well, as we only ended up with five or so other people.  Only three other people from our team actually showed up to the event, so that was a bit disappointing.   This year, the relay is being held at Marquette (our school); this means we should (hopefully) have more people this year.  I believe this is a very important cause and last year, I was hardly able to do anything at school beforehand to raise money.  We could not sell food because it was “competition with the cafeteria”, we couldn’t have a contest (I was not told why), and we were only able to collect money and hand out candy because Key Club had done it and I would not take no as an answer (saying that it was unfair that they were able to and I was not).  Cancer has had a large impact on my life, so I feel very strongly about finding any possible way to help.

Thank you (if you managed to get through all of this).