Hey guys! 

This is one of those random posts I told you about in my intro. I have a meet today, and I’m actually in three events this time. I’m still in the JV heat for the 50 free, but I’m in the varsity heat for the 100 free and I’m in the B relay for the 4×200 free relay. For those of you that don’t know, a 4×200 relay has four people and each person swims a 50. I’m going first in the relay, so I’m pretty excited for that. Since I’m not doing a relay start, my time can actually count. I always end up going faster in relays. I’m not completely sure why; maybe it’s because there are more people depending on me than just myself. Whatever the reasons, I’m just really excited for this. I hope it turns out well!  I’ll let you guys know how it turned out after the meet in the series: Thoughts of an Injured Swimmer. 

Thanks for reading!