Hey guys!

This is the first song I wrote. Please tell me what you think and if you want, I could post a video of me either just playing it or playing and singing it, but for now, here’s just the song. 

Too Dull of a Knife

[Verse 1] You sit there surrounded, wishing to be alone. But too dull a knife has kept you grounded, and soon it will be known. You’re dying to leave, and all the attempts have failed. And with those scars up your sleeve, your truth will be unveiled. 

[Chorus] Please stay here, I scream to you. You won’t be left in fear, you know that I’ll be there too. The light will come again, your smile will brighten the day once again. It’ll be ok, in the end. 

[Verse 2] One more attempt at last, you want the misery to go away. But I won’t let that come to pass, I won’t let death get in your way. Throughout your life your mind has darkened, but don’t let it block out the light. I won’t let that dull knife be sharpened, ’cause you deserve to be alright. 


[Bridge] If not for your friends, then stay for yourself. ‘Cause that dull knife could waste a life. Try one more night, you could see the light. You’ve gotten this far, look how strong you are. I’ve me your hand, I’ll give you mine. We’ll take this one day at a time. Give me a chance, give life one more chance. 


[End] It all ends tonight, as long as you’re alright. You’ll leave too dull of a knife, and you’ll finally think twice. (3x) 

It all ends tonight, as long as you’re alright. You’ll realize, it’ll be alright, in the end. 
Thanks for reading! Remember, please give me tips if you’d like and, if you want, I can post a video of the song! See you next post!