Hey guys!

Here’s a little poem basically describing how I feel about anxiety (maybe I’ll use it for the slam)
As many people may know

Anxiety and depression don’t work together

In fact

They are opposites

Depression makes you feel too little

It makes you feel nothing, numb

That numbness,

I could deal with

Anxiety on the other hand

Makes me feel too much 

It makes me feel too restless

Too excitable 

Too nervous 

Too emotional

Just too much

That’s where these two illnesses differ

One is too much

One is too little

I can tell you that I’d rather deal with neither

But I have dealt with both

The depression I could handle

As feeling nothing can’t make you feel even less
But the anxiety

The anxiety I can’t handle

Because feeling too much

Just makes you feel 

Too much more

You see my problem here

It’s either too much

Or not enough

If I could find a place

Just in the middle

Then maybe I could be happy

Then maybe I could be content

But no, 

Now I’m stuck 

At one side of the spectrum

Or at the other

Always one extreme

Never a simple balance
Anyways, thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed it, or at least I hope it broadened your perspective a bit.