Hey guys!

Another of these posts about anxiety. On my first one of these, I had mentioned that my therapist had given me some apps to try to help. Someone had asked if I would share them, so here they are: Breathe2relax, Mindfulness Daily, and Insight Timer. These apps are supposed to help with breathing to calm down and with meditation. I have not yet tried these apps (I don’t have enough room in my phone at the moment), but I am planning on trying them at some point. I was also told about a workbook called The Anxiety and Phobia Workbook by Edmund Bourne. I was told to get the 6th addition. I have not gotten this yet, but I am planning to. Overall, I know for the most part what causes my anxiety, but I’m still working on finding a way to reduce these stressors. I realize this is a kind of awkward post, so I’m just going to end it now. 

Thank you for reading! I hope you guys at least kind of enjoyed it.