Hey guys!

Practice today actually went really well. I did a 3100 before I got out. This is a lot better than last practice when I only did a 1400 and it’s even better than the most I had done previously (2500). I finally was able to get into the main set. I’m also pretty happy because I was able to work on both speed and total yardage. Even though I couldn’t do exactly what was being asked, I was happy with what I did do. We had to do a 200 fast and we were supposed to make it within 10 seconds of our best time. Well, my best time is a 2:08, so I knew I wasn’t going to be making that, but I still tried and I ended up making it within 17 seconds. I personally don’t think that’s too bad for someone who hasn’t been able to swim all that much. I also wasn’t able to do anything other than freestyle, but you can bet that I did my freestyle as best I could. 

Well, thanks for reading! I’ll catch you next time!