Hey guys!

Just thought I’d check in here.  We had a meet today and it went really well.  I had three events, one individual and two relays, and they went alright.  I did accidentally disqualify one of the relays though (false start, aka, I dove off the block too early).  In my defense, I had only done two relay starts up to that point since I had been out so much.  Thankfully, I was on the C relay, so it didn’t matter too much (only top three score, I believe).  My shoulder held up well and I was able to go faster than I had last time.  We were all feeling pretty tired by the end of the meet, so I’m very happy that I was able to go as fast as I did (I went a 1:01 which was a second better than my previous best time for the season).  I am beginning to realize that even though I can’t swim as fast as I could last year, I still can swim at least decently fast.  It’s not like I’m suddenly extremely slow, I mean, I am trying my best in practice to better myself.  The thing that is discouraging me though is that I am not seeing the results that I want from the work I am putting into it.  I know that I need to give it more time, but the season is getting close to being over, and I want to do well for my senior year.  I know I shouldn’t compare my times too much to what I was previously able to do, but I just want to be able to swim fast again without worrying about my shoulder deciding to die on me.

Well, I think this one is long enough.  Thanks for reading! I’ll catch you guys next time.