It doesn’t really feel like it. Sure, I’m 18, and that qualifies me as an adult, but I still have to raise my hand and ask if I can go to the bathroom. I still have to ask my parents before I go hang out with friends. I’m still told what I can and can’t do (in regards to pretty much everything). I have little to no say in most stuff that comes up because I’m “still a kid”. I have to text my parents whenever I go somewhere because I’m their “little girl” and they want to make sure I got where I’m supposed to be. I still have to give my mom a full rundown of where I’m going and who will be there and what will be going on whenever I want to hang out with friends. I still have a 10:00 curfew (usually, there are a few times it has been moved). I still don’t know everything that I know I should by this point in my life. I don’t know how to feel; am I an adult acting like a kid still, or am I still a kid trying to act like an adult? Seriously guys, I have no idea. 

Thanks for reading my little confused rant here, I’ll catch you next time.