Hey guys! Here’s a poem I just wrote. I’m not sure if it warrants a warning that I’m not depressed or in need of help, but better safe than sorry. 

The Lies we Tell

I’m okay

I’m breaking

I’m fine 

I’m faking 

Why is it that people

Are so willing to believe

The lies we tell everyday 

And the secrets that we keep

It’s all good

I’m crying 

I’m alright 

I’m lying

Every day a challenge

Of who wears their mask the best

Who cracks and falls

Who stands up tall

Who can be put to the test

I’m better

It’s worse

I’m happy 

I’m lost

People seem so happy 

To go about their day

Believing every lie

With a smile on their face

I stopped

I got better at hiding

I can smile

I’m closer to dying

If only once in a while

People could stop and see

The look in my eyes

And the words from my mouth

Rarely are the same