Hey guys!

I’d like to get the main part of this out first. The way dress code is set up is dumb. I know dress code is to make sure everyone is comfortable and all of that, but I don’t understand some of the rules. I don’t understand why girls have more “guidelines” for what they can and cannot wear. Some people try to explain it by saying that it’s to prevent distraction. Okay, got it. Now tell me how a girl’s shoulders are so distracting. Why did I get dress coded for having a small triangle of my back showing? Why are girls not allowed to have their bra straps showing? What’s so bad about that? Oh no, girls have shoulders, oh no, girls wear bras?! Too bad. If people didn’t know this already, then there are some other problems. I don’t understand how completely innocent parts of a girl’s body are considered so “distracting” and “inappropriate”.  I’ve seen girls get dress coded for the dumbest things while girls that are breaking dress code even more aren’t given a second glance. If you’re going to enforce these already unfair rules, then enforce them for everyone. As I was getting dress coded for my shirt that showed a triangle of my back, someone walked past with a crop top that showed about half of their stomach (and just as much of their back) and you can bet that they didn’t get dress coded. Instead of teaching us girls that we need to cover everything up and sacrifice some of our comfort so that boys won’t be “distracted” is stupid. If I wore a tank top to school without anything over it, there’s about a 60% or so chance that I would get called out over it. If a guy wore a tank top, no one would say anything. Sure, you can tell me that more girl’s clothing is considered “inappropriate” but what else are we supposed to wear? We can’t wear shorts that are too short but guess what, they don’t sell longer shorts that we actually want to wear. The majority of us girls don’t go to school with the intent of distracting the boys. We go to school to learn and to talk to our friends. If I go to school in something that breaks dress code, it’s because I feel good in it. I don’t wear a tank top or a strapless dress to impress anyone. I wear these things because I like them and because they are comfortable (be it for the temperature or because I have something that calls for it). I personally just don’t think that dress code takes much into consideration. If something isn’t causing an obvious problem, then what’s wrong with it? 

But who cares, right? I’m just some high school kid. Why would anyone listen to my complaints?

Thanks for reading to anyone who made it through my rant.