Who are you to tell me how I’m allowed to feel? Who are you to tell me that I don’t know what it feels like to really have a migraine, only because mine recently started while yours started in fifth grade? Who are you to boss me around when you’re about three years younger than me? Who are you to make me feel like I’m doing everything wrong when I’m just trying to do what’s right?

What I’m really asking here is simple. Why do you think your problems are so much worse than mine because of who you are? I get it, you have problems, but you can’t ask me what’s wrong then tell me that I “can’t beat myself up over it because I haven’t been swimming much this season” and I “don’t know what real migraines feel like because yours started in fifth grade, so you’ve automatically had it worse than me” I really don’t understand. Please tell me, who the hell are you to ask what’s wrong then immediately tell me that I shouldn’t be having problems because other people have it worse? Why the hell would I care about that right now? It’s not like I said I was starving. All I said was that I don’t feel great because of a migraine that’s making me dizzy. I don’t understand your logic, and I don’t want to. I just want you to realize how mad it makes me for you to act like this and not think anything is wrong with it.