Hey guys! I decided that I really do have to post about this.  If you didn’t hear, some idiots went through a jewish cemetery, Chesed Shel Emeth Cemetery, and knocked down a bunch of gravestones.  This type of behavior should not be happening at all, it shouldn’t be happening anywhere, and it is very annoying to me.  I am not Jewish, but this impacts more than just the Jewish community; it shows just how messed up the world still is.  I read in an article (that I will link at the end) that as many as 200 headstones were knocked over.  That is outrageous.  No one has any sort of right to do that, no one has any reason to do that.  For me at least, this is insulting to anyone who has a heart at all.  There is a good side to all of this though: Linda Sarsour started a fundraising campaign called Muslims Unite to Repair Jewish Cemetery.  This campaign raised more than $25,000 in about a day.  I love to see that there is still some good in the world.  I’m happy to see that not everything is going to shit, even though it seems like a lot in this society and in the world as a whole is (going to shit, that is).  I honestly don’t know what else to say other than how completely and utterly deplorable this act was.  I don’t know if this was some prank or if it was the work of some antisemetic group (god, why do those exist anyway?), but I am wishing nothing but help and an end to this pointless desecration.  I’m sorry if this rant offends anyone, but this was a horrible, pointless act.  Actually, you know what? I’m not sorry.  Anyone who thinks that it is okay to topple gravestones is a horrible person.

Okay, rant over.  Thank you for reading.  Here’s the link: