Hey guys, I’m working on writing a book/short story thing, and I wanted to try to post the first chapter here.  I still don’t have a name for the book, but I’ve got just about everything else, so here goes.

Chapter 1 (Alis)

They found her, they found Kira, but they wouldn’t move so we could see her.  I needed to see my best friend.  Kye and I pushed through the crowd until we found her.  Kira was just barely hanging on.  She smiled when she saw us, but it was a weak smile.  Kira used the last of her strength to give us that last smile and say only two words;

“I’m sorry.” before she died.  It was hard to believe at first.  She couldn’t be dead, it had only been about a week since she went missing.  Who would do this to her? Kira was never anything but helpful and kind.  I screamed at the people standing around to come help her, but no one moved.  It felt like everyone was frozen, come to think of it, maybe everyone was.  My best friend died in front of me that day.  To say I moved on would be a complete and utter lie.  For almost a week, I could hardly convince myself to move, let alone interact in normal society.  My brain just kept going back to that day.

That was the last time I saw my best friend alive.  I couldn’t stop thinking of what I could have done to maybe change that fateful day.  Kira was one of those people who everyone thought they knew, but I don’t think any of us really did.  Kye and I were probably the closest to her out of everyone, but even we didn’t know everything.  Kira was the closest that Kye and I had to a friend, save for each other.  We were the “outcasts” the “weird kids.”  Yeah, I know, stereotypes again, but there’s really no other way to describe the two of us.  Then, there was Kira.  She just was; she didn’t seem to fit into any one social group.  Somehow, she just existed, and everyone was okay with that and we all accepted it.  

Kira always told me that I was “special”; now, I never understood what she meant by that, although, I do understand it now… nevermind, that’s a part of the story for later.  The attention that Kira paid to Kye and I was unreal; the three of us didn’t have parents of our own, and with her being two years older, I was able to see Kira as the closest I had to a mother figure.  Somehow, Kira pulled some strings to get us jobs with her so we could make a living.  It wasn’t a very comfortable living, but it worked for us.

I remember walking home with Kye after a late shift and Kira wasn’t there waiting for us.  We tried everyone that we could think of, but no one had seen her that day.  Of course, we called the cops, but they took too long.  If only I hadn’t taken an extra shift that night; maybe we would have gotten back in time to see her and help her.  I never knew how painful a loss like this one could be.  She was my best friend, but she was gone.  They found her a week later, they told us it was some anonymous call that they couldn’t trace that led them to her.  So now, Kye and I are on our own; we have to figure out how to live out here on our own.  Right, I realize now that I forgot to mention, we live in one of the abandoned houses in this forest.  Trust me, there’s a surprising amount of them here.  We did try to find the nicest abandoned house, but I mean, really, it’s an abandoned house.  It’s not the most pretty house ever, but it works for us; it is all the home that we have.