Chapter 2: Kye
Well, I guess I’m supposed to pick up here. I should probably start with my name; I’m Kye. My real name’s Kyle, but I like Kye more, so we’ll go with it. Alright, here goes. While Alis saw Kira as a mother figure, I saw her more as an older sister. The three of us aren’t actually related; now that I think about it, Kira is the one who brought Alis and I together. It’s like she had something planned for us, but some bastard took her from us before she got the chance to tell us. I never really was sure why Kira took a liking to Alis and I. Well, Alis I understand; she’s really shy and quiet at first, but as soon as you get to know her, she explodes into a firecracker of passion and energy. Me on the other hand? Well, I have no idea what she saw in me, but there had to be something, I just have to figure out what it was. I suppose I should say is instead of was, but it’s still kind of hard to think in the present tense with her. I mean, the two of us, Alis and I, were nothing special. Yes, I said were. Things have changed for Alis and I.

When we found Kira, I was the first to point out the fact that no one was moving. They just stared at the three of us. While I thought it was kind of strange, I soon realized that Alis had somehow managed to freeze time itself. I’m not going to pretend to understand it, but it happened. Maybe that’s why Kira smiled in the end, maybe she knew what Alis did even before the two of us did. Now, what about me? With Kira dying in my arms, I couldn’t think of anything but “no god, let me go back, let me save her,” but I guess I just wasn’t that strong. It kills me that I wasn’t strong enough to go back far enough. Right, time went back, like, rewind a bit and plop me down. It wasn’t far enough. All I managed to see was someone or something shove my bleeding friend out of a car and speed away. I tried to save her, I really did, but it was too late. That monster, be it human or not kept her until she was mere minutes from death then shoved her out, only a mile or so from our home. As it turns out, that phone call that the police couldn’t trace was from me. Kira made Alis and I both give her our phones so she could put something on them so they couldn’t be traced back to us. Don’t ask me why this was so important to Kira, but it was, so Alis and I have left it alone, granted, neither of us really know how to get rid of it, but we say it’s for Kira, which, in a way it is.

No 19-year-old kid should have to go through the aftermath of the murder of their closest friend, but here Alis and I were. Neither of us really knew what to do with ourselves. We were both too young to remember clearly when our parents died, so of course we were scared. Even with all of the fear and sadness, Alis and I had to go to work, I mean, how else were we going to make it without Kira? Somehow, I kept seeing Kira everywhere I went. I thought it was just wishful thinking, but then Alis told me she was seeing her too. I never expected anything to happen; I knew Alis and I were “different”, but I didn’t know just how different.

The two of us started getting these little notes shoved under our door. We couldn’t ever find any way someone could have put them there, but the notes really sparked our interest. 

“I know about Kira”

“I know what happened”

“Wanna know? Find me to find out”

Alis was the first to voice our shared opinion: we needed to find whoever wrote this; we had to know what happened. Neither of us knew how we could find them, we didn’t even know if they were a boy, a girl, an alien… okay, so maybe I got a bit carried away there. They’re probably not an alien. I can’t even think of someone who could do this, much less someone who would want to. Whoever it is would have to be pretty strong; Kira was many things throughout her life, but weak was never one of them. Kira also wasn’t someone to ever give up, so I don’t know how whoever it was broke her. No, I can’t think this way. I can’t regress back to this. I have to stay strong for Alis. I need to help. I need to know what happened.