Chapter three (Alis)

Hey, I’m back.  As Kye said, we were seeing Kira everywhere we went.  She started showing up more and more and closer and closer to our house until we came in one day and she was just sitting at the table.  It looked like it should have the day she went missing, but she was actually there… at least in a sense.  Neither of us really knew what to do, so we stood there staring until Kira explained.

“Hey guys, I can’t stay for long.  I’m working on passing through and staying longer, but you two need to work on those powers that you discovered,” she said.

“Wait, how are you doing this?  I… no, we, watched you die.  What’s going on here?” I asked.

“I can’t explain yet, I’m sorry” Kira said “But I’ll help you with the powers.  We don’t have much time to waste, so let’s get to it.”

Now, if this were a movie instead of a book, there would probably be some intense training montage here with some hard rock music in the background.  But this is not a movie; it is a book, so it’s up to me to describe that training montage.  In all honesty, it started out with Kye and I just trying our best.  Kye was trying to shoot back in time a little bit and pop up behind me.  Basically, he was trying to teleport using time instead of space.  My training, on the other hand, involved Kye and sometimes Kira throwing stuff either at me or up in the air while I tried to freeze it in time without freezing everything else along with it.  Kira was working on coming into our (the living) realm for longer periods of time.  When she was here, she would help us out, but when she wasn’t, it was all up to us.

By the end of a week of seemingly endless training, Kye could go back up to ten minutes and was starting to work on going forward.  At this point he could go up to 30 seconds forward.  Kye could pretty much teleport to wherever he wanted to given that he could walk or run there, so short distances only.

Kira could stay in the living realm nearly as long as she wanted to.  Also, she was solid.  I realize that sounds strange, but we could touch her, we could hug her again without falling through.  Kira wasn’t exactly a ghost, but I didn’t know what to call her.  She also picked up this strange almost mind reading thing.  She couldn’t read thoughts so much as she could read intentions.

As for me, I had worked just as hard as everyone else, but I could only kind of stop small objects in the air.  It would suffice to say that my confidence was at a low point.  It wasn’t until Kira sat me down and told me that whenever I tried to freeze something, my eyes turned from their normal stormy gray to an icy blue.  She told me to stop trying to direct my power with my hands and envision what I needed to freeze in time.  Lo and behold, Kira’s suggestion worked.  I could somehow freeze time for practically anything.

The last day of our training, I asked Kira and Kye to stop what they were doing and stand behind me.  They were both a bit confused, but I could tell that they trusted me.  I closed my eyes and imagined a bubble of frozen time around the three of us.  When I opened my eyes, I saw that it had worked.  I finally succeeded in making a sort of shell around us.  I made my own sphere of protection.  Oh god, did I really just say that.  Seriously, that sounds more like some crappy anime move.  Anyways, it was incredible, I could keep my friends safe.  Finally, I felt useful to everyone.  Finally, I could help.