Chapter four (Kye)

Just getting to see the joy on Alis’ face when she realized that her plan had worked was amazing, but to see it fully in action… well, I’m not sure if I can describe it.  I suppose I have to try at least because her new talent came at just the right time.  Alis was laughing out of pure excitement and Kira was beaming at her with pride when out of nowhere, several men came around the house and out of the nearby forest.  I remember Kira telling Alis to keep the shield up while she tried to talk to the men and figure out what they wanted.  That’s when the bullets started.  There were gunshots ringing all around us.  Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Alis fold to the ground like she did when we were getting to know each other whenever she got too scared in social situations.  I’m not sure how, but she kept the shield up, and trust me, it was incredible.  Nothing that those guys threw at it could break through.  I couldn’t understand what was going on with all of the bullets flying through the air.

“Who the hell are these people and what the hell are they doing and why the hell are they doing it?” I asked to no one in particular.  One of the men replied,

“Hey kid, you should know all of this by now, or has that little slut refused to tell you.  Hell, you should know who we are, I mean, we know who you are, Kyle.”

“Don’t call me that,” I said, “and never, ever call anyone that I love a slut.  You’ve said too much for me to look back on that, so now you won’t say anything again.”

I heard Alis scream at me to stop just before I disappeared into time itself.

“No one,” I thought, “no one calls my friends anything bad.  No one calls me Kyle without my permission.  These bastards don’t know me half as well as they think.”  As I stepped out of the continuum, I saw the guy who had insulted my friends searching for me.  I’m sure the last thing he saw was my fist flying toward his dumb face before he blacked out.  Don’t worry, we didn’t kill him.  We simply left him on that same road that Kira had been so unceremoniously shoved out of the car into.  We called the police and left a little note describing what he had done and what we had done.  Last I heard, he was taken to the hospital for a broken jaw and then was thrown in jail for his crimes.

By the time Alis and I returned home, Kira told us we needed to pack our stuff and get out that night.  Not knowing her motives but seeing the fear in her eyes, Alis and I obliged, packing what little we had into some big duffel bags and meeting Kira downstairs.  Thankfully, Kira thought to pack some food in a backpack that she now had slung across her back.  

“We’re going somewhere safe,” Kira told us, “It’s somewhere no one other than me knows about.”

“Wait, what do you mean?  Please explain a bit here.” Alis asked.

“I’ll explain when we are safe.  Right now, I need the two of you to do what I say.” Kira said. “I need both of you to act like there’s nothing out of the ordinary.  Act like we are all staying here.  They’re still watching.  We need to wait until night when it’ll be safer to travel.”

“Woah, wait, who is this ‘they’ you keep talking about? Is it those thugs who tried to kill us earlier?” I asked.

“I’m sorry, Kye.  I’ll explain everything later, I promise.  Please, for now, just trust me.  I’ll stay here the whole time to keep watch for our best chance to leave.  Right now, I just need you two to stay safe and alive.”

Fast-forward to that night around midnight.  Neither Alis nor I could sleep, so we were up talking about the events of the day when Kira walked in.  She was expecting to have to wake the two of us up, but she was pretty happy she wouldn’t have to worry about that.  Kira told us to follow her as quickly and quietly as we could.  She quietly explained that we were going to her safe house since our house was no longer safe enough.  We quickly grabbed all of our things and ran out after her.  By the time we were about half a mile away, we heard an unearthly shriek and an explosion.  I didn’t need to turn around to see what had happened.  I couldn’t see Kira’s face since she had her back to me, but by her voice when she told us not to turn around, I knew that she was crying.  I knew that the only home we had was gone.  I felt Alis move a bit closer to me, and when I looked down at her face, I could make out the tears glistening in the moonlight.

“I know it’s hard, but it’s only about two more miles until we are there.” Kira said.  

From that point on, the three of us walked in silence for what seemed like 100 miles, although it was, in reality, only two.  When we finally stopped, Kira bent down and firmly pressed her hand into the dirt and brush.  I heard a faint clicking sound, as if someone was slowly turning a crank in the ground beneath us.  I nervously glanced around as the clicking got louder and I quickly realized that we were sinking into a deepening hole in the ground.  I began to panic, but a glance from Kira told me that this was meant to happen, and I should stop freaking out.  The rest of our trip was shut into darkness as the hole closed above us as we continued down.