CHAPTER 5 (Kira)

Alright, my turn.  I do not plan to do this often, but because Alis and Kye had to hear this from me, I will say it on my own.  

“I am an angel,” I said, “an actual, legitimate angel; that is why I am not still dead.”

Somehow, Alis was very ready to accept this, while Kye just stood there with his mouth hanging open.  I had to tell them everything I knew; it was the only way I could prepare them, and the long elevator trip seemed like as good a time as any to spill everything.  

“Okay, here is all I know about our whole situation,” I said.

“I know someone wanted you two, but I did not know exactly why.  I now believe it is because of the powers you have unlocked within yourselves.  Whoever took me tried to torture me to get information about the two of you.  Do not worry, I told them nothing.”

“Wait, how are we so important?  I really don’t get it.  Before all of this, we were just some weird loner teenagers.  How could anyone have known anything about us?” Alis asked.

“Just wait, I am trying to explain as best I can,” I said, “I know there were two beings.  Neither being is pure human.  There was one male and one female.  I am not sure of their identities, but I do know that they wanted, and probably still do want, you both.”

As the ride continued, I told Alis and Kye all that I knew.  At this point, I know a lot more, but that did not happen until much later.  We landed with a bump, and the elevator doors opened.  The look on Alis and Kye’s faces was priceless.  Everything was just as I remembered; it was a fully stocked underground bunker standing, waiting in front of us.  I had kept this a secret from both Kye and Alis, hoping to never need it, but there we were.  I told them we had everything here that we would need to survive and to prepare for everything that we had to come.  By the time I showed them to their rooms, both Alis and Kye were finally tired enough to sleep.  While they were asleep, I busied myself with preparing for our meals the next day and preparing the training I had in mind.  Alis and Kye had a lot to take in, so I decided that just today, I would let them sleep as long as they needed to in order to regain their strength.  I do not believe Alis knew the true power that she held.  If only I could have gotten through to her earlier to awaken it.  Kye, on the other hand, was stronger than he could have imagined.  In making my plans, I thought on each of their strengths.  Alis, with her compassion for others.  Kye, with his protective nature.  They made an amazing team; I just hoped I could get them ready in time.  It really was only a matter of time before those beings managed to track us down.  While Kye and Alis were asleep, I set about casting protection around our new home.  It would not last forever, but it was good enough for now.  I was not sure what else I could do to keep these two safe.  These two humans were the closest I ever had to friends since Cinder fell from heaven.  Cinder was not the best influence, but she was passionate.  That is what got her thrown down in the first place: her passionate love for a demon of hell.  When I first heard the news, I could not believe it; my friend, the one I trusted completely, was taken from me by her own foolish desires.  If I could have gone back, I would have pleaded with her to stay, not just for me, but for herself also.  I had not heard from her since she was cast out, and I did not know what I would say to her if we met again face to face.