Chapter 6 (Alis)

Kye and I woke up to the smell of a home-made breakfast, which was a little strange, since we were basically stuck in a box who knows how far underground.  Somehow, Kira could cook in the bunker without it being obvious to anyone outside.  We dined on some pancake type thing with peaches.  Kira even remembered that my absolute favorite fruit is pineapple, so she had some set out for me.  We were told that we should take our time eating, since we had a whole lot of work to do as soon as we were done.  Once we finished eating, we got down to work.  Since neither Kye nor I had any experience with fighting, other than the ambush back at what was our house, we had a lot of work to do.  Kira decided to start us off by having us build our strength.  Little by little, I noticed that I was getting stronger.  I realized that the stronger I got, the more confident I felt.  My strength was increasing almost as quickly as I was getting sore day after day.  As time went on, I realized just how strong Kye was.  As his body became more defined, I kept catching myself staring at him.  I always turned away, my face burning, when I caught myself.  

By the time the soreness stopped, Kira began the bulk of our training.  At this point, we were learning how to defend ourselves along with how to fight back.  We were learning how to use both actual weapons and how to make our own bodies into weapons.  My confidence began to soar once I realized that I wasn’t useless and weak.  I could feel my power rushing cold through my veins.  I was able to push myself further than ever before.  I developed and fine-tuned my powers until I was able to freeze anything.  It didn’t matter how big or small, how fast or slow, or how erratic the person or object was; I could make it stop.  That sphere of protection from before during the ambush became much stronger.  I could protect things and people that were not directly next to me.  I could send out almost an orb of protection to encapsulate anything.  I finally felt truly useful.

Kye’s powers developed almost as much as his body.  He found that, with practice, he could teleport.  He didn’t have to go back in time; he could just jump through and appear.  The one time he brought me with him, I almost puked, so I decided that I’d leave the teleportation up to him unless it’s really an emergency.  I loved watching Kye practice.  I loved seeing his powers grow while watching his mind and body work to manipulate time itself.  The time and effort that Kye put into his skills always impressed me.  Before all of this, Kye was my shy, awkward best friend.  While he still was his sensitive self, Kye showed a determination that I never thought was possible.  He was growing and changing into a new person; it happened so gradually that I didn’t even realize until it was all over.  The boy in front of me was no longer the socially awkward, lanky teenager that he had been just a few months ago.  Kye had become the strong, confident person that he had dreamed of being.
The three of us trained, slept, and ate in that bunker for about three months.  We were getting used to living there.  Maybe we were getting too comfortable.  One day, we thought we heard a knocking sound, but we couldn’t have actually heard that.  We were so far underground, who would even think to look for us here?  I wish we hadn’t opened that door to check what was out there.  I wish we had just left it alone.  Maybe we would have been able to prepare instead of blindly opening that door to what should have never been in this universe.