Hey guys. I don’t really want to call people out, but I might end up doing it just without using names. We were editing my short story as a class today using google drive. I realized that this would result in a few strange comments here and there and was prepared for that. I was not, however, prepared for the people that don’t seem to understand the constructive part of constructive criticism. I get it, my “short story” isn’t that short. But that shouldn’t give anyone the excuse to say “let’s just scrap it and start over”. Especially if this is said straight to my face. You can’t get mad at me for threatening to fling a ponytail holder at you if you openly tell me that the thing that I worked my ass off on is crap. I don’t know what’s worse about that; the fact that it was said to my face, or the fact that it was said by someone that I thought was a friend. Also, people who just highlighted a part of a paragraph and wrote “bad”, umm what did you expect to accomplish there? Seriously. Maybe realize that the author has some emotions also. If you don’t like it, the just tell me what’s wrong with it so I can fix it. Just saying “bad” isn’t going to make anything better for either of us. Then there’s the kid who told someone else that they were being “too nice with the criticism”. News flash: that’s the point. You’re supposed to help the author out. You aren’t supposed to make them feel like shit. That’s the whole constructive part of constructive criticism. Maybe next time, you should realize that the author has emotions and is probably fairly proud of their work. I totally get it if it’s not your genre, but you don’t have to make me feel like shit for it. Just help me out. I know my writing isn’t perfect. That part is completely obvious. So please, instead of telling me that my writing is bad or that I should scrap it, help me fix it. 

To those who actually helped and gave insightful comments, thank you so much. Your comments are the things that actually help me improve my writing. I was actually really happy when I saw someone being polite about it rather than just telling me outright that you don’t like it. 

I’m very sorry for my rant, but I had to get that out. 

Thanks for reading.