I actually had a lot of fun at prom this year. I was able to be more social even though it was a bit harder to breathe. A corset back dress will do that to you. 

It was really nice getting compliments from people that I don’t think I have ever actually met. I got comments everywhere from “you look like a goddamn Cinderella” to “you should have won prom queen”. It was a lot of fun. 

Like I said, I had a corset back dress, so I couldn’t eat all that much, so I was pretty hungry, but it was still a lot of fun. I got go hang out with friends that I hadn’t seen in a while. I did end up not dancing though. They didn’t play a single slow song, so I didn’t want to try to dance in my dress. 

Afterwards, I went back to my boyfriend’s house. I wanted to change clothes, but I didn’t bring any extras. I ended up wearing my boyfriend’s sister’s pants and my boyfriend’s shirt. Everything was too big on me, but hey, I was comfortable. I ended up showing up at home four min past my curfew, but my parents weren’t even home yet, so everything was fine. I showed up in a shirt and pants that were both too big for me, along with my heels from my dress. Needless to say, it was an interesting outfit. 

Overall, I had a lot of fun. Prom went well, and (as far as I know) nothing went horribly wrong. I enjoyed hanging out with my friends and I had a wonderful time hanging out with my boyfriend.