Hey guys!

We have this neighborhood garage sale going on, and it’s not going so wonderfully for me at least. Granted, all I’ve got to sell is my old toys and stuff, but I’m about an hour and a half in and I’ve sold a grand total of one thing. Although, I also got to meet a cute dog, so I guess it’s worth it. There’s also another problem of this wonderful thing called wind. I have these two like fold-out play house things that I’m trying to sell, but to have the best chance of selling them, they need to be up. Can you see where this is going? Wind + stuff that catches the wind? Yeah, lots of running after stuff. I’m having some fun though. It’s not a horrible day out, so I’ve got that going for me. There have also been a lot of almost stops or second looks back at the stuff I’m selling by people in their cars. I guess that’s a good sign, but who really knows. I’m not at all like my neighbors who are selling bikes. I’ve just got some little kid toys and stuff. Sure, it’s stuff that I absolutely adored when I was little, but that doesn’t mean everyone would. I’m doing my best though!

Anyway, thanks for reading!