Hey guys! I know some of you on here like to draw, so if possible, could you give me any advice for drawing poses.  I draw more of an anime/manga style than realistic, so if that helps at all.  I’m just not all that good at drawing poses, so I was wondering if I could get some help.  Proportions are kind of difficult for me to figure out, so any advice on that would be appreciated.  Also, just how to make a pose look a bit more realistic/not as stiff would be helpful.  I’d also like a bit of help with drawing clothing/wrinkles in clothing because, for me at least, folds in clothing are difficult because I have some trouble figuring out where they should go and how to make them look natural.  I guess perspective is also something that I could do with a bit of help.  Basically, I need help with drawing related stuff when it comes to drawing anime/manga style people.  Any help would be appreciated!